Trolleys & Stands

(A) Customer/Shopping Trolleys

100lt Customer trolley

130/140lt Customer trolley

180lt Customer trolley

210lt Customer trolley

195lt Hybrid Customer trolley
1080 xH x 620W x 1030mm L)

2-tier Standard basket trolley

3-tier Jumbo basket trolley

Plastic shopping baskets

Basket stands (with or without wheels)

Supa Shoppa (small) Customer trolley
(About 120lt)

Supa Shoppa (Large) Customer trolley
(About 160lt)

Supa Shoppa Liquor Customer trolley

Wheelchair Trolley

Kiddies trolley
(75mm Wheels)

(B) Storeroom-Warehouse-Factory Trolleys

Platform trolley
Available in small (830mm Long) or large 1100mm L

Mammoth/Rocker trolley

Mammoth Merchandiser

Mammoth Mesh Trolley

Pallet Jack trolley

Turntable trolleybr 1500mm x 760mm
1800mm x 900mm
600kg capacity

377lt Bin trolleybr 980mm L x 665mm W x 580mm H

3-tier Stock picking trolleybr 1100mm L x 610mm W x 1100mm H

Utility Trolleybr (available with or without lockable lid)
900mm L x 600mm W

Customer car trolley
900 x 600 with350mm wheels

(C) Merchandising Trolleys

Standard Merchandising Trolley
920mm L x 880mm H with 125mm wheels and
Small wire basket.

DIY Merchandising Trolley
920mm L x 880mm H with 125mm wheels
With flip-over wire basket

Nursery Trolley
920mm L x 460mm W
With flip-over wire basket

Heavy Duty Nesting Trolley 1250mm L x 1100mm H x 560mm W in the front
(Approx. 700kg)

(D) Display Trolleys & Stands

Halstead Bread Trolley with 4 x wicker baskets

Halstead fruit & veg trolley with 4 x plastic lugs
5-tier Fruit & Veg Stand with 5 plastic lugs
Also available with 5 x wicker baskets as bread stand
1690 H x 600 W x 570mm D

Egg Display Trolley
With 4 x fixed shelves
1807 H x 970mm W x 640mm D
360dz of eggs

3-tier Chromed Bread Trolley
1380mm H x 975mm W x 505mm D

4-tier Chromed Bread Trolley
1740mm H x 975mm W x 505mm D

5-tier Chromed Bread Trolley
Slopping baskets
1520mm H x 975mm W x 515mm D

7-tier Chromed Bread Trolley
Slopping baskets
1920mm H x 975mm W x 520mm D

2-door Security Rolltainer (1800mm H)
Available in large (1200 x800mm) and
Small (800 x 600mm)
125mm Wheels

(E) Crate, Sack, Beer-Folding Nose, Gas cylinder trolleys

Crate trolley
(Approximately 250kg)

Sack trolley
(Approximately 250kg)

Beer Crate trolley
(Approximately 250kg)

Cylinder trolley
(Single or Double)

Folding nose trolley
Medium or Large