Welcome to Tri-Star, also known as Space Shelving! We have over 30 years of experience in the industry and offer a wide variety of shelving, racking & storage solutions to companies of all sizes. It is our business to optimise your working space with simple but effective solutions and quality products at competitive prices.

Whether it is a small working area at home, a storeroom, office, school, factory or large-scale warehouse with major daily movement and activity, we will find a storage solution for you. The storage systems and solutions of today offer huge opportunities for improving the efficiency of your company to keep up with the demands and competitiveness of your industry.

Our consultants will be happy to guide and assist you in creating the ideal working environment which will result in an increase in productivity and saving time wherever possible. The necessity for efficient storage, material handling, combined with the maximum use of space demand well organised solutions.

To optimise your storage space, an integrated solution needs to be put in place to address your requirements. This is where we come in! Tri-Star offers storage solutions that are cost effective and will make a huge difference in the overall performance of your business! Assembling and installations of our shelving and racking are carried out by very experienced team members and are not complete until our customer is satisfied with the job that has been carried out. Our solutions are designed to suit your unique business needs always.

If you need a system that will simplify your storage/shelving/racking requirements, Tri-Star/Space Shelving is the answer. We provide services both locally and to other countries in the continent. Our solutions cater for both ambient and refrigerated environments. Our services include consultations, comprehensive quotations, professional installations and after sales assistance.

If you need a storage solution, we will provide the solution! Call us and speak to one of our experienced consultants who will advise you how your business can benefit from our solutions.

We look forward to creating more space for you with the suitable storage system.